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We repair OMC electric shift, cable shift 400-800 sterndrive

Last updated on 12/6/2021, 2:01:55 AM

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  • has been proudly providing a full line of GLM Marine
  • Used Mercruiser Alpha One and OMC sterndrive parts since 2003
  • Our experienced marine mechanics fully service and rebuild all OMC models including the electric shift, 400-800 and Cobra.

Originally opened by Wayne Coll to service a Canadian customer base, our business quickly grew and we now ship world wide. Our expedited shipping to the United States and Europe using Fedex express provides parts where you need them when you need them.

We stock large selection of used OMC Electric Shift Outdrives and OMC parts, and we carry fully rebuilt and remanufactured gear cases.

GLM: Reliability keep boaters moving

Smoothly Sailing For some people, boating is an inseparable way of life. Just like a gentleman who needs his suit to be flawless, boaters need their boats just the same. Boaters ought to make sure that their source of pride and joy are always in the proper condition and in order to keep it that way, they would need good/dependable aftermarket. Moreover, the economy has caused consumers—in this case, boaters—to look for value and GLM is in a perfect position to offer marine businesse


With the ever-increasing current demand for affordable, high-quality afs and consumers a better product and value.termarket marine products, new technological advances have made a significant impact towards the marine industry in a huge way.

GLM has kept boaters set sail on the water for years by keeping a few fathoms deeper. GLM understands what it takes to keep the adventure and fun going by offering you only the best product from top brands—ensuring that you can keep your boat in the best shape under the summer sun.

With 30-years experience under their belt, they understands that marine engines require utmost care and maintenance as well, and can help keep your boat in top running condition with the following products: water pumps, hoses, fittings, fuel systems, electrical parts, control cables, steering systems, steering wheels, props, marine oil, and lubricants. GLM’s wide selection of parts will absolutely help your marine engine keeps its optimum performance.

For the last 30 years, They has held a long-standing commitment to producing some of the most high quality and cost-effective aftermarket marine products that are available on the market today.

From superior quality materials to the most advanced computerized machinery, GLM has always been staying true to their commitment to the marine industry and its consumers to deliver the most outstanding, reliable and compatible products to meet the demands of consumers.

Whereas most aftermarkets marine parts manufacturers would prefer to outsource their designs and production elsewhere, GLM opts to built the enhancement of their product line by employing a highly skilled in-house design and engineering crew—serving as a trademark specialty of GLM. All products are brand new from the factory and completely compatible and interchangeable with the OEM.


Furthermore, in-house design and engineering can actually enable improvement of the original OEM counterparts. GLM engineering and manufacturing capabilities produce more reliable replacement parts for the customers. Advanced technology, superior materials, and compatibility constantly improve and strives to include these advances in all of its products.

GLM offers an exciting line of unique, exceptional, and everyday repair and maintenance products. GLM has significantly expanded its line by using the most current technology in manufacturing, design, and materials.

The company applies the latest technology to new materials, designs, and manufacturing in order to deliver improvements on original designs of current parts, innovative new alternative products and products that are no longer available from OEM manufacturers.

GLM’s in-house ability to design and engineering has allowed the company to continuously expand their line of factory-new products over the years. In the year 2017 alone, GLM has offered over a dozen new and exciting products just to the MerCruiser & Yamaha lines. The introduction of the GLM cast iron and aluminum exhaust manifold line has successfully shown the benefits that the company can offer.

These manifolds are all lost-foam cast and are internally tuned for performance and fuel efficiency—plus, they are exact replacements for OEM and other brands. In addition, GLM’s exact replacement manifolds are also produced in aluminum—this reduces weight, improves performance and fuel efficiency and, of course, offers dealers and distributors—and their boating customers—a cost-effective alternative to other aluminum manifolds on the market today.

The GLM Mercruiser aftermarket manifold line
like all products, prioritizes quality, availability, and value. Moreover, GLM believes that quality and value are two very important aspects to uphold during a period of economic challenges. As everyone might have been aware recently, the current economic downturn has negatively impacted the boating industry. However, there is always the silver lining found within any industry during times of economic change.
Boating is still alive and well in the U.S.—and around the world, for that matter—and it is still considered a way of life and favorite pastime for a size-able percentage of people. Boaters may not buy as many new boats this year as in a few years prior, but they will continue to go boating with their current boat. The more an aging boat is used, the more it requires repair and thorough maintenance. This means that even though boating activities may be down, the repair and maintenance business certainly will increase. Thus in this current economic environment, boaters will be looking for better value.

GLM aftermarket products are able to deliver the promise of a high-quality, cost-effective alternative that reduces expenses and helps the boaters continue on enjoying their boating lifestyle. Lower fuel prices certainly will help lower costs this season, and helping boaters save more money will improve overall earnings for distributors and dealers as well.

Dealers and distributors need to be prepared to take advantage of one of the best opportunities in the boating industry for this season: boating products offered by GLM Products Inc.

Consider the additions to the GLM line over the past several years. No other aftermarket manufacturer can compare with the variety of gears, shafts, carriers, and cases that GLM has developed and re-designed. GLM always aims to offer and deliver to the customers improved, factory-new alternatives to the OEM.

When you invest in buying a GLM product, you can be assured that you are receiving the highest quality aftermarket marine products available. GLM is often the only source for those that seek exclusive products.

With such numerous new products introduced annually, GLM maintains and improves its process to adapt to the demanding industry to deliver the most extensive aftermarket marine line to all customers worldwide.

GLM Products, Inc. has developed an extensive line of innovative and cost-effective marine engine and drive parts. With over 4,000 line items available, including many that are only available from GLM, dealers and marine mechanics are able to offer their customers a high-quality alternative to OEM parts.

The GLM line is always growing. Recent additions include an extensive line of aluminum and cast iron exhaust manifold systems that offer improved performance and consumer-friendly pricing.

GLM is the best partner in maintaining their life on the water with the experience and top-brand aftermarket parts, GLM will surely keep boaters on the water ways for years to come.