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Last updated on 12/8/2023

  • Basic and full repairs to all OMC Cobra models (1986 – 1993) for all 4 cylinder, V6 and V8 (including 460 – 7.5L)
  • Complete replacement remanufactured, rebuilt and used outdrives available
  • Parts and breakdown drawings

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Lower unit repair
Upper gearcase repair

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the following parts.

OMC Cobra Water Pump Service Kit, Water Pump OMC Cobra Impeller

GLM 12092 replaces Sierra 18-3212

$50.95 US

$54.89 CDN

12091 Water pump service kit OEM 984461

GLM 12091 replaces OMC 984461 compatible with 1986 to 1993 models. 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder and V8 does not work with SX or cone clutch models

12091 Water pump service kit

$57.89 CDN

12091 Water pump service kit

$57.89 US

Trouble shooting your water pump when there is water flow but engine is over heating

  1. Once water flow has been established check to see if exhaust fume backpressure is coming from the following.
  2. Chech both manifold and exhaust gaskets that can be just rusted out.
  3. The next check would be to the manifold where there can be crack from water left in the winter
  4. Manifolds can also leak internally over time say 5 to 10 year  term would be normal
  5. When you have this type of manifold or elbow leak at the beginning the engine temperature will be fine at idol speed of 550 to 600 but will heat up at higher speeds as the exhaust fume pressure builds up. In some cases, it can reach the impeller area and melts down the water pump case.