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Sending in Your OMC Outdrive for Repair

OMC outdrive repair shipping information

Last updated on 11/11/2023

Sending in Your OMC Outdrive for Repair

Help with shipping your outdrive
to us for repair

When shipping your gear case in for repair, please follow these steps.1. When shipping your gear case in for repair, please follow these steps.
Drain all oil out of unit   

                            OMC electric shift outdrive repair

2. Pack unit in oversized cardboard box, and use hard styrofoam to pack around unit (see picture). This styrofoam can be purchased directly from the courier company you are using (UPS, Fedex, DHL), or from Home Depot.

Please make sure to pack unit tightly as possible to prevent damage to your unit during delivery.

3. After you have finished Sending in Your OMC Outdrive for Repair packaging/boxing the gear case, drop it off to UPS or Fedex
(or courier of your choice).

The UPS/Fedex staff in the store will help you fill out the paperwork. Please make sure to declare the ‘value’ of the gear case at $100.

                        Handi Pac packing material in box

4. Ship to the following address:
21 Canadian Rd. Unit 17
Toronto – Ontario
Canada M1R5G2

Sending in Your OMC Outdrive for Repair
Uline box 26 X 26 X 8 inches

The OMC outdrive lower unit (Cobra, 400/800 and electric shift Stringer) models will fit in a 26″ x 26″ x 8″ or a larger box.

These boxes can be purchased at most UPS stores and Home Depots. A double walled box is preferred due to it’s strength, but a single walled box will work just fine with the styrofoam packed inside the box.

Please do not use bubble wrap, popcorn foam packing material or towels/rags to use as internal packing material.

These will not provide sufficient protection of the gear box during transport and will most likely result in the gear case being damaged when we receive it.

Sending in Your OMC Outdrive for Repair
insulation board

Purchase insulation Styrofoam – either the white board strips (in the photo the pack of foam is made by Handi-pac available at the Home Depot), or the hard pink insulation board also available at the Home Depot.

Line the bottom of your cardboard box with a piece – and then place your gear box in the box. Make sure all the oil is drained out of the outdrive.

Sending in Your OMC Outdrive for Repair
Insulation board 1.5 X 14 X 48 inches

Cut pieces of the insulation board to fit the perimeter of the box on all sides, and piece by piece start to build up towards the gear case.

You’re trying to building a foam barrier between the walls of the box and the gear case that will prevent the outdrive from moving around in the box. It will also prevent damage if the box is dropped during transit.

You can either eye ball the sizes needed as you go along, or use a measuring tape.

Sending in Your OMC Outdrive for Repair
Note box 24 X 24 X 8 inches will allso work

After you have sufficiently protected the outdrive with pieces of insulation board, include a note in the box with your contact info and notes.

This note should contain your name, phone number/email, return shipping address and if applicable – any technical notes for our tech.

*These technical notes should describe what issue you were having. Examples would be ‘loss of forward gear, water in gear case, clunking sound when changing gears/slips out of gear, etc.)

Sending in Your OMC Outdrive for Repair
Propeller bearing retainer with 3 seals installed

If you are sending the OMC electric shift model to be repaired – we rebuild the hub assembly shown in photo with each repair, along with repairing the clutch spring and re-sealing the rest of the unit.

This hub is rebuilt by cleaning up the hub assembly (sandblasting the entire hub, removing the old seals and installing 2 replacement seals followed by an application of zinc chromate).

Sending in Your OMC Outdrive for Repair
10 Bolt swivel housing repaired

If you are sending in the OMC electric shift lower unit as a core trade for exchange for one of our rebuilt units – you’ll want to note the number of bolts that holds your swivel housing to the lower unit (shown in photo).

Most models have a ’10 bolt’ pattern for the swivel housing, however some have an 8 bolt pattern.

If you require a rebuilt unit that has the 8 bolt pattern, please contact us before sending in your core.